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Currently selected ISO images : Windows 10 (v1507) versions for other americas countries


Installation DVD for the Windows 10 operating system are available as an ISO image file from various sources on the web. This ISO file must be burned on a writable DVD that can be then used to install Windows 10 on a computer. Before doing this, it is important that you check the integrity of the ISO file and that it has not been tampered with.

If an ISO image file has been tampered with, this can mean that some trojan or virus has been added to the image. Beware that some online shops are selling very cheap Windows licenses and installation ISO files. The reason behind this very low price could be that they want you to install an infected version of Windows, to later take control of your computer.

So the goal of this web page is to give you the procedure to check the integrity of the ISO file, so you can then be sure that your Windows installation is safe.


This site doesn't contain any illegal content.
It doesn't contain any Windows 10 ISO file, nor any link to Windows 10 ISO files.
It contains only a compilation of SHA1 signatures, which is an information that is publically available on various Microsoft's websites.

What is a SHA1 signature or hash?

SHA1 is a cryptographic algorithm that is applied to all the bytes of a file. The output of that algorith is a 40-byte signature also called a hash or checksum. Altering the file content, even a single bit, will results in a totally different signature. So if the computed signature of the ISO image in your hands matches the one published by Microsoft and listed below, you can be 100% sure that every bit of your file is identical to what Microsoft has published and that no one has tampered with the image.

How to check a SHA1 signature?

Several free tools are available to compute SHA1 signatures. Their usage is very simple and similar from one tool to the other. Basically after launching the tool, you browse for the Windows 10 ISO image file from a file dialog and then the tool computes automatically the SHA1 signature. This will take some time as the ISO images are quite big and the SHA1 algorithm is quite complex.

One of the easiest tool to use for the casual user is the "MD5 & SHA1 Checksum Utility" from Raymond Lin. It is a free, lightweight and "portable" tool, i.e. it doesn't need to be installed. Just download the .exe file from Softpedia here and launch it. An easy user interface opens, browse for your ISO file and wait for the SHA1 signature to be displayed.

If you prefer to use a command line tool, you can download one directly from Microsoft here. To compute the SHA1 signature for your ISO image file, in a command console type : fciv.exe -sha1 <filename of the ISO>.

SHA1 signatures for the official MSDN Windows 10 (v1507) installation ISO images

You will find below the original name of each ISO file as well as the corresponding SHA1 signature. The exact name of your image can be different depending of the distribution channel, this is not critical as long as the SHA1 matches one listed.

You can also reduce the length of the list by clicking on the "filters" button. This can also be used to select other ISO images not currently displayed (other languages or other special distributions such as "VL", N" or "KN", etc).

Currently displaying Windows 10 (v1507) versions for other americas countries.

Windows 10 Education (x64) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: AA8866798A760DE2F29EAE13F6292660D001F3B3Spanish
Windows 10 Education (x86) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: 08E8C05F11F9C54757D14783CE7FA0B2E8087E6FSpanish
Windows 10 Enterprise (x64) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: F8D5E672C9CC12A7EC624B25C18E3F90865E77AASpanish
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x64) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: 138EB7DF5E85BDF66C54721A529EF2A6C0DF69C8Spanish
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x64) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: A13C4FB8843E4094C466B907DCE14405D475EB71Spanish
Windows 10 Enterprise (x86) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: 131BFCF5E872B482D88F32455BBA235EA19570C3Spanish
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x86) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: 662EDF3FC5BCED6F370B89A0956F94C70B8EFE43Spanish
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x86) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: BAF81746A7E4672FE45BDEC023CFD7C75CE5F804Spanish
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x64) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: 3044D30045D0AA5DEEEC3BAD7664E96B9874BE90Spanish
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x86) - DVD (Spanish-Mexico)
SHA1: 4B7AE58D255FCFCF3D4997C1015BE1E51FE05769Spanish
Windows 10 Education (x64) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: EAC5311A9F6BF42D857489EC617FB52094AE020EFrench
Windows 10 Education (x86) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 709770784253FAC9B4C57AC1F1C0586576C22B88French
Windows 10 Enterprise (x64) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 179ADB3F819A058B33EAED1A8D75DB30DC3602FAFrench
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x64) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 5A6A3B7140F24393C784A8C842178583BF533BC0French
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x64) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 4286660250C0F137CB6FBEBC0854ADDA94731BD7French
Windows 10 Enterprise (x86) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: BEAF791B202881ACBB37BB5224003A14049905EDFrench
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x86) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 27A723F23B62562B7CEEBF7608536EC5CB66DC09French
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x86) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 7EC8C8FF2C7D460AA6E0DA3E93315B8830F54042French
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x64) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 3F51798A5D4EC34AA5F0207D8C68B81673FBC1D8French
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x86) - DVD (French-Canada)
SHA1: 3E34143B536BAA27C870CF317ACCE23158885A87French
Windows 10 Education (x64) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: AB1CDCF314F7C5780C608478CD40499D2FDB20DCPortuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Education (x86) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: 59CBD6672958019CFB111FBAD9BC2BDB73495B27Portuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Enterprise (x64) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: BBB84251F5D4B77AB5C7C519CED5C959DB03A47APortuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x64) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: E971C1F52697EE2A202197EE52438E4A961C5F27Portuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x64) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: 118CD58C44776D728DAD86C6B80361AFCAC72B6CPortuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Enterprise (x86) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: 584098D7E85599D76343F76A6CADCCDF53A3B9F0Portuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x86) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: 8E73568912F4B96B95CC0B4FEB1D5CD69B30460BPortuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x86) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: D6BC701150E5D33656C9667B2958F74E2C914A65Portuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x64) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: 45B7578F3B03ABAF554EFEF752F85A4A0E208F3FPortuguese-Brazil
Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) (x86) - DVD (Portuguese-Brazil)
SHA1: 7E400BEC8851497CB05923F9D56B731E1B7C5F7CPortuguese-Brazil

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