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Installation DVD for the Windows 7 operating system are available as an ISO image file from various sources on the web. This ISO file must be burned on a writable DVD that can be then used to install Windows 7 on a computer. Before doing this, it is important that you check the integrity of the ISO file and that it has not been tampered with.

If an ISO image file has been tampered with, this can mean that some trojan or virus has been added to the image. Beware that some online shops are selling very cheap Windows licenses and installation ISO files. The reason behind this very low price could be that they want you to install an infected version of Windows, to later take control of your computer.

So the goal of this web page is to give you the procedure to check the integrity of the ISO file, so you can then be sure that your Windows installation is safe.


This site doesn't contain any illegal content.
It doesn't contain any Windows 7 ISO file, nor any link to Windows 7 ISO files.
It contains only a compilation of SHA1 signatures, which is an information that is publically available on various Microsoft's websites.

What is a SHA1 signature or hash?

SHA1 is a cryptographic algorithm that is applied to all the bytes of a file. The output of that algorith is a 40-byte signature also called a hash or checksum. Altering the file content, even a single bit, will results in a totally different signature. So if the computed signature of the ISO image in your hands matches the one published by Microsoft and listed below, you can be 100% sure that every bit of your file is identical to what Microsoft has published and that no one has tampered with the image.

How to check a SHA1 signature?

Several free tools are available to compute SHA1 signatures. Their usage is very simple and similar from one tool to the other. Basically after launching the tool, you browse for the Windows 7 ISO image file from a file dialog and then the tool computes automatically the SHA1 signature. This will take some time as the ISO images are quite big and the SHA1 algorithm is quite complex.

One of the easiest tool to use for the casual user is the "MD5 & SHA1 Checksum Utility" from Raymond Lin. It is a free, lightweight and "portable" tool, i.e. it doesn't need to be installed. Just download the .exe file from Softpedia here and launch it. An easy user interface opens, browse for your ISO file and wait for the SHA1 signature to be displayed.

If you prefer to use a command line tool, you can download one directly from Microsoft here. To compute the SHA1 signature for your ISO image file, in a command console type : fciv.exe -sha1 <filename of the ISO>.

SHA1 signatures for the official MSDN Windows 7 installation ISO images

You will find below the original name of each ISO file as well as the corresponding SHA1 signature. The exact name of your image can be different depending of the distribution channel, this is not critical as long as the SHA1 matches one listed.

You can also reduce the length of the list by clicking on the "filters" button. This can also be used to select other ISO images not currently displayed (other languages or other special distributions such as "VL", N" or "KN", etc).

Currently displaying Windows 7 versions in english.

Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 Debug/Checked Build (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 0F22DFE89AE18B45821276DB41B375FAF9A7906AEnglish
Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 Debug/Checked Build (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 8E29AB2A2DAD8BD44FA3B68D7AF3E57DC43FC69AEnglish
Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: A89DCE706D527206CB464EF86ACD3A3D13A332DBEnglish
Windows 7 Enterprise N (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 041A07EFDA9B12EB55D557099475D84A22FC51D9English
Windows 7 Enterprise N with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 3A35801881CB04D537D13479AC4E51510C9771CAEnglish
Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: A491F985DCCFB5863F31B728DDDBEDB2FF4DF8D1English
Windows 7 Enterprise (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: C6B905E48FDB6CB5BFCA967715A64461B812D40CEnglish
Windows 7 Enterprise N (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 3D923C8B81928B23EF27BCBF5AA99D8083B922B5English
Windows 7 Enterprise N with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: F19B3F9ADB2D4EC08842FA2D3D147E237F9B1D40English
Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 4E0450AC73AB6F9F755EB422990CD9C7A1F3509CEnglish
Windows 7 Home Basic (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 101574FAA17FDB430BB027271EF0A58F0E18AD47English
Windows 7 Home Basic with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 080EC1DE94B88B0F7E8D000690A4AAAA031E2719English
Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 336779EA6B65F63E11A609B4D021439C47AB315BEnglish
Windows 7 Home Premium N (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: EF2B379DF372F345D7F92D870B926E6289208E55English
Windows 7 Home Premium N with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 6496C1221B4D2090EA599ACAFBEE33AA6855AADCEnglish
Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 6C9058389C1E2E5122B7C933275F963EDF1C07B9English
Windows 7 Home Premium (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: CC9D8220B2179E784D85BF1EA98D2EE2190D534FEnglish
Windows 7 Home Premium N (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 31E4D165E51F7BFDD933EB1EDE27E382FDAEE6FCEnglish
Windows 7 Home Premium N with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: F17FB1397797C5E83A3F18E76F19DCEE2B0736D4English
Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 6071B4553FCF0EA53D589A846B5AE76743DD68FCEnglish
Windows 7 Professional (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 50127304441A793EE51B3F501289F6599A559E9FEnglish
Windows 7 Professional N (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 87DA3914FA806A314E5F44FCCC65D827A5D29A8DEnglish
Windows 7 Professional N with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 59F942BC69CA6D8AB25A3B63A018D86D8ACEE78BEnglish
Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 0BCFC54019EA175B1EE51F6D2B207A3D14DD2B58English
Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1, VL Build (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 708E0338D4E2F094DFEB860347C84A6ED9E91D0CEnglish
Windows 7 Professional, VL Build (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: BFCD2254872303F5569FE165440F5CF17059C7A2English
Windows 7 Professional (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 697FA06554502FB21D30275273B25747299C020DEnglish
Windows 7 Professional N (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 7745A38DFB6C3EA0D6FFC5D61154F1610808879CEnglish
Windows 7 Professional N with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: FDA90230E29052B7B20CA408E961C5D2743041F1English
Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: D89937DF3A9BC2EC1A1486195FD308CD3DADE928English
Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1, VL Build (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: D5BD65E1B326D728F4FD146878EE0D9A3DA85075English
Windows 7 Professional, VL Build (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 304817E859A5B27E828F46AAC54CB46A576A34CCEnglish
Windows 7 Starter (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 5DC1457BC4B3D94097F499B15DFDB3C21DADCDF5English
Windows 7 Starter N (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 36B7C602DB4596B218B02751D630732AA5E8CB28English
Windows 7 Starter N with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 6DC7A5C6D1A83ECA0ACFF0B0623C9C6831209D44English
Windows 7 Starter with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: E1653B111C4C6FD75B1BE8F9B4C9BCBB0B39B209English
Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 326327CC2FF9F05379F5058C41BE6BC5E004BAA7English
Windows 7 Ultimate N (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 045E966D469E6C9ADC0C5318818FBD0F3D20FD91English
Windows 7 Ultimate N with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: E01A55499FE9EBA718B59492E55B567F3D6F4E1BEnglish
Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 36AE90DEFBAD9D9539E649B193AE573B77A71C83English
Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 5395DC4B38F7BDB1E005FF414DEEDFDB16DBF610English
Windows 7 Ultimate N (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 5DF8CDCA9A3289D53468836ABA204FE2937E86ABEnglish
Windows 7 Ultimate N with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: BBF301280FAA00B02F5475CDAA06558F569569E8English
Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (x86) - DVD (English)
SHA1: 65FCE0F445D9BF7E78E43F17E441E08C63722657English

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